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Gyro Shawarma
Turkish Dinner For 2
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Mountain Chicken Soup W Dumplings
Turkish Breakfast
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Arabic Salad With Mediterranean Chicken
Hazelnut Cream Puff

  Brunch, Dinner, Bakery, Chai & More 



Elephant Fusion Cafe is a family-owned and operated restaurant. 22 Years ago, we started as a local German bakery. Then, four years ago, we started serving Turkish breakfast, lunch, & bakery. During the pandemic, we had to evolve and adapt. Thus, we started serving more than Turkish breakfast and bakery. We designed our menu with 'the world's best foods' in mind. We added dumplings, burgers, bubble teas, and Indo-China cuisines. Thus, we have evolved into a Fusion Cafe. Where we are bringing the best of the world. Ultimately, we wanted customers to think of Elephant Fusion Cafe, when they wanted 'something different' and become part of our family. Although, our food does cost, the love we have for our customer is uncondontional. 

We are big about eating healthy. For instance, there is a big misconception about brown rice being healthier than white rice. The fact is white rice is healthier than brown rice. Brown rice contains arsenic. Thus, we don't serve brown rice. There is a reason why Asian countries have been eating white rice for thousands of years. Further, we do research on our ingredients. We prefer ingredients that are grown naturally and locally, organic, fresh, and contained no chemicals. We use real food. Food that is not from industrial sources and handpicked. 

We are not a fast food restaurant. We provide highly quality food with high quality ingredients. Home style cooking at its finest. Our main focus is quality & taste of the food that is healthy. That is why we cook with fresh ingredients, which is mostly organic. For example, the milk and ground beef we use are both organic. Thus, our prices are generally higher than most restaurants and cafe. Everything in the menu is served all day during business hours. Plus, we don't use pork. Lastly, we prepare majority of our food with meat that is halal, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, gluten-free, and msg-free. 

We basically make everything from scratch. For example, we make our own gyro meat. We make our own sauces. We really focus on all the ingredients being healthy, organic, fresh, and not processed. 


Further, we are supported by our community. Thus, it's important we support our community. We donate part of our monthly sales to St. Jude Children Research Hospital. We truly believe that it is our moral duty to serve the world for better purpose. Further, we do our best to be eco-friendly, and reduce our carbon-footprint. We are not perfect but we strive everyday to take care of our community, and take steps to protect our planet. 


Our goal is to make sure every customer leaves the restaurant happy and satisfied. We will issue a full refund if a customer is not happy or satisfied. Our customers are the true owners.



We Apply a 10% Service Charge For Dine-in.


4800 Baseline Rd. A109

Boulder, CO 80303


Dine-In, Take-Out & Delivery

Tel: (720) 398-8084


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